Glock 44 +5 magazine extension

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 **WILL NOT SHIP TO STATES WITH MAGAZINE RESTRICTIONS (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont). KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOUR STATE LAWS BEFORE ORDERING** 


Adds 5 rounds to your Glock 44 magazine for a total of 15 rounds. Available in multiple colors

*Easy Installation, must remove load assist with flat head screwdriver from side of magazine.

*Removal of tabs on the magazine will make for easier installation. The tabs are not necessary to keep the extension on.

*Uses factory spring - stretching the spring a small amount will ensure proper tension and allow the slide to lock back.

How To Install:


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    G44+5 magazine

    Posted by Larry on Aug 8th 2021

    Works well with a bit of experimentation. This is what I did. I was having trouble with hollow point or 36 gr. rounds failing to feed & to eject. The fronts of the bullets were angling down below the feed ramp. I found a round nose 38 gr (Aguila), and 40 gr Blazer (CCI) round nose, that takes more space in the magazine and keeps the nose up above the feed ramp. IMO, do not load 16 rounds into the magazine. It may fit, but it causes issues. Load a round in the chamber, then add another round to the magazine (for 15 in the mag) it should work fine that way. Loading 16 into the mag, then chambering one into the barrel puts too much pressure on the spring, and binds it. Don’t be greedy. You’re getting 4 or 5 more in the gun, and it’ll work fine this way. Putting in another is going to cause you issues. Guarantee it. Get your 15 in and let it be.! My G44 has 3,000 rounds ran through it. With a 10 round mag it’ll eat anything. With this extension, it needs a bit of help. My experience has been to use round nose 40 grain rounds to prop up that bullet into the feed ramp. Also, try and use something above 1235 FPS to give it a bit more blow back to help that spring feed the next bullet into the ramp. This us what I’ve found that works for me. Good luck, & be safe. Carry in a holster if you’ve got one “piped,” while in a concealed carry situation. There’s a safety there. But in order for that trigger safety to work correctly, it has to be holstered to keep that safety from being accidentally engaged. Please be safe!